Know Your Customer's Every Move

ContextSmith collects and integrates all customer activities data and brings them to Salesforce, Zendesk, and Gmail

Push customer data to every part of your organization

Whether it’s customer touch points or their activities on the web, ContextSmith is the customer event hub that collects, manages, and integrates these activities data and maps out customer timeline, relationship, and lifecycle. We are the backbone that connects your customers’ every move with every part of your organization.

Eliminate blindspots about your customers

Collect customer activities and event data through our turnkey integrations like CRM, emails, and marketing automation. Using ContextSmith’s AI technology, we’re even able to set alerts for certain customer activities.  Always stay ahead of your customers.

See how we capture and track customer engagement with a few clicks →

Sync With Tools You Use Everyday

No more using a mix of tools, manually entering data, and suffering from bad data.  Our powerful bi-directional sync with Salesforce, Emails, Calendar, and Zendesk saves every customer interactions without users having to do anything.

You can also easily create your own custom sources and destinations with ContextSmith. Contact us for more details.

How Our Customers are Using ContextSmith

Trigger-based marketing

By integrating with inbox, clickstream and and marketing automation solutions, marketers can easily track multiple buyers’ engagement across teams and channels.

Sales and support with context

Customer experience is powered by knowledge about your customers and how they interacted with you in the past. With Salesforce and Zendesk integrations, you will never be left in the dark again.

Data analytics projects

With customer all customer activities in a single place, data analytics teams can easily get customer insight and even train ML models.

Happy Customers

“ContextSmith allows us to have a single view into all the communication silos that helps surface risks that would typically get lost in a single email thread.”


Arjun Devgan

VP Customer Success, Comprehend Systems

“Our business development and marketing teams use ContextSmith to proactively manage interactions with our course providers. It completely changed the way we collaborate on these accounts and gave us the visibility that would normally take hours every week to achieve.”

Dhawal Shah

Founder & CEO, Class Central

“The first day we used ContextSmith, we immediately found follow-up issues that needed to be resolved.”

Ajo Abraham

Head of Data, Vero Analytics

Nothing to install. See your data in minutes.