Why We're Here

We give B2B companies the context to build lifelong relationships with their customers.

Our Story

ContextSmith was founded on the belief that making sure all customer-facing teams have access to the same information minimizes risks and optimizes the customer journey, from first-touch to purchase, renewal, and upsell.  Email and other communications have always been a powerful source of truth, connecting businesses throughout this journey, the signals and insights within those communications are often hard to glean, resulting in teams being blindsided and unaware of new opportunities.  We are fascinated by how enterprise relationships are being built, the number of people from various teams that interact with each other, and the plethora of signals that strengthen relationships over time.  We want to help you create strong, powerful relationships across all your customers.


Our Approach

We believe in augmenting human intelligence, not replacing it.  Stitching everything together into a continuous timeline is only the first step to start understanding your customers.  We take it a step further – we enhance human relationships by finding signals from all touch points that will close more deals, save customers from churning, and increase revenue.  While there are many ways to extract and consume customer data, we believe there is no better way to do it through a visual timeline, meaningful graphs, and intelligent alerts.


Our Team

The team behind ContextSmith came from diverse backgrounds, including companies like Google, Intel, IBM, Netflix, and MicroStrategy.  We have started companies, worked for startups, and led teams in larger enterprises.  Our advisors and investors are also enterprise geeks from companies like SAP, Cisco, Yahoo!, NetSuite, Box, and Intel.  And we love ramen.