Contextual Insight About Your Enterprise Relationships

ContextSmith is your communication and data hub that makes you look smarter in front of your customers

Account Management Team

You’re the owner of the account relationship and leading account expansion efforts.
  • Get real-time pulse and touch points of your accounts
  • Reduce churn with negative sentiment, early issues detection, and 2x increase in engagement
  • Manage pipeline and discover new contacts for upselling and cross-selling

Services Team

You’re in charge of delivering value and services to your customers.
  • Accelerate time-to-value by coordinating all team members to move projects forward
  • Save up to 5 hours/week per project member from manual status reports
  • Reduce errors by 30% with our automatic follow-up and task alerts

Sales Team

You manage complex enterprise sales, often coordinating multiple decision makers with SME from your org.
  • Effortlessly identify upsell opportunities in existing accounts
  • Save hours every week from account hand-offs or transitions
  • Seamless knowledge transfer during sales territory changes

Executives and Leaders

You manage a portfolio of customers and are responsible for their revenue and satisfaction.
  • Walk into customer meetings with full context about latest activities and issues
  • Get real-time visibility of all your accounts’ health and status without waiting for status reports
  • Increase your team’s efficiency and productivity

Supercharge Your Account Management and Expansion

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