Contextual Insight About Your Enterprise Accounts

ContextSmith is your intelligent sales analyst that continuously gather sales intelligence for your teams

Sales Team

  • Shorten sales cycle by knowing what deals to focus on
  • Track engagement and buying signals from stakeholders and contacts
  • Seamless knowledge transfer during sales territory changes

Sales Enablement Team

  • Operationalize enterprise sales process by intelligently tracking and improving sales activities
  • Reduce ramp-up time of new reps with our play-by-play activities and stakeholder relationship map
  • Automatically sync sales activities (even activities outside of sales team) back into Salesforce

Account Management Team

  • Get real-time pulse and touch points of your accounts
  • Reduce churn with negative sentiment, early issues detection, and 2x increase in engagement
  • Discover upselling and cross-selling opportunities by getting account relationship insights

Executives and Leaders

  • See where your team is spending their time, without data entry
  • Get real-time visibility of all your accounts’ status without chasing reps or waiting for status reports
  • Increase your team’s efficiency and productivity through real-time sales activities

Nothing to install. See your data in minutes.