5 Simple Fixes For Your Leaky Sales Pipeline

There are few things that terrify sales managers like a leak that goes unnoticed in their funnel. Regardless of where a leak occurs, the longer it takes to find, the greater the impact will be to your forecast and the top line of the company. Helping your team to...
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Email Tracker: New features, bug fixes, and updates

It has been 2 weeks since we launched our free Email Tracker Chrome Extension.  Thanks again for your support.  Without you, we wouldn't have made all the exciting updates! What we fixed: No more multiple sidebars If you previously experiencing multiple sidebars or...

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New Product Launch: Free Email Tracker for Gmail

Last week, we launched our free email tracking chrome extension. Why do you care? Because it's free, forever.  For those who live in your inbox, this tool will save you time and increase your contact engagement. I used to work in Sales, and my company has always paid...

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