How to Identify Upsell Opportunities: Your 6 Step Guide

It took you a lot of work, but you managed to secure company buy-in to invest more in your current customers. You’ve shown the c-suite the numbers, and everyone on your team is excited to secure up to 1,300% higher revenue. You work hard on your relationships with...
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3 Key Metrics of Successful Account Management

When managing B2B and Enterprise accounts, email is the most prevalent form of engagement with the account.  In fact, number of business email is increasing 7% year-over-year as more and more tools automate sending emails (who says email is dying?).  However, when we...

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Increasing Productivity of Your Customer Facing Teams

I came across an HBR article from 1988 about how to measure productivity of manufacturing plants, and the formula was exactly as expected: Productivity = Units of Output / Units of Input The simple formula above can directly be translated into revenue, and it's easy...

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