Comprehend Systems Gets Ahead of Their Accounts Without the Extra Headcount

Account Management Case Study

In this 3-page case study, you will learn the challenges of an organization with pharmaceutical and biotech customers. Their long enterprise sales and deployment processes typically involve 20+ people working in silos, making hand-offs a challenge and risk management difficult.   

This case study analyzes the churn risks and the loss in revenue opportunities involved in a lack of visibility across the accounts. Specifically, you will see how Comprehend:

Saved up to 10 hours per week from digging for data and latest status of the account.

Empowered account management to proactively manage risk without extra headcount

Shortened delivery project delivery timeline

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"ContextSmith gives us real-time updates about who has the ball, and who's important in our accounts. It empowers us to align Customer Success and Sales teams to proactively service and expand our accounts effectively."

- Arjun Devgan, VP of Customer Success, Comprehend Systems

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