ContextSmith Increases Productivity for Field Business Development Team by 10%, Saving Up to 2 Hours Per Day

Case Study for the Online Learning Industry

In this 3-page case study, you will learn about how the #1 Search Engine and Aggregator of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC's) solved the productivity and coordination issues of their globally distributed Business Development and Marketing team.    

This case study shows you how to break down the silos between distributed teams, which enables them to spend more time with customers instead of playing catch-up. Specifically, you will learn how ContextSmith:

Saved up to 2 hours per day for each Business Development Rep

Empowered teams to gain real-time visibility into the opportunities each rep is spending time on

Empowered management to jump into a sales conversation at the right time and coach them through problematic accounts

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"Our business development and marketing teams use ContextSmith to proactively manage opportunities with our course providers. It completely changed the way we sell and collaborate on these accounts, giving us the visibility that would normally take hours of meetings every week to achieve."

- D.S., CEO, Leading Online Courses Company

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