Comprehend Systems Uses ContextSmith to Monitor Account Risks and Shorten Delivery Timeline

“ContextSmith delivers unprecedented visibility into our enterprise accounts and partners.  It empowers us to align Sales and Customer Success teams to proactively support and penetrate our accounts effectively.”


– Arjun Devgan, VP of Customer Success, Comprehend Systems

Company Overview

Comprehend Systems continuously optimize a portfolio of clinical trials to improve speed and quality across teams, sites and CROs by aggregating and monitoring disparate data sources.

Comprehend’s Customer Success team (which Arjun Devgan, VP of Customer Success, has overall responsibility for) actively participates in all aspects of the customer lifecycle, from pre-sales, deployment, adoption to support and account renewals. They have a unique model, where the CSM that onboards the customer, maintains a long-term relationship with the account and jointly identifies and pursues renewal and upsell opportunities within each account.


As an organization with complex, enterprise sales and deployment process, which typically involve 20+ people working in silos across the Comprehend and customer teams, Comprehend needs a solution to help them get 360° view of their accounts and scale the CS and Sales operations while mitigating account risks during the day-to-day and hand-off.

“Life science customers tend to bring an army of people to a typical meeting. They have complex org structures and we often find over a dozen different owners interacting with our CS team on an implementation. ContextSmith allows us to have a single view into all the communication silos that helps surface risks that would typically get lost in a single email thread.”


ContextSmith offers a robust, many-to-many account management platform that aggregates account activities across whole organization and proactively monitors the day-to-day interactions for risks. ContextSmith increases the Customer Success team’s visibility into all touch points and relationships with an account, enabling the team to identify risks, key influencers, and detractors.

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