Accelerate new and existing revenue by leveraging company-wide relationships

By centralizing company-wide communications, ContextSmith eliminates blindspots in your complex accounts

Visualize and build the key relationships needed to grow revenue

Track engagement of key stakeholders and their relationship with other buyers inside the organization.  With advanced buyer analytics and company-wide relationship, revenue owners can identify gaps and opportunities to grow key accounts.

Quickly identify time spent on each account and where to invest more resources

Get company-wide activities about your key accounts and identify gaps between your relationships.  ContextSmith provides a account-based framework for managing and growing your new and existing revenue.

Drill-down into problematic accounts and understand why they’re stuck

Get X-Ray vision into what your team is doing (or not doing) to move deals forward. Every touch point is automatically tracked and buying signal highlighted, all without any user input.

Get updates about your critical accounts directly from your inbox

We know you’re in your inbox most of your day, so we deliver important updates directly to your inbox.  Nothing extra for you nor your team to do.

No changes to the tools you’re using. Get started without any setup.

No additional browser tab or another place to go.  ContextSmith integrates and syncs directly with the tools you use everyday, such as Salesforce, emails and calendars.  We make you more productive, not less.

Nothing to install. See your data in minutes.