Context-Aware Account Intelligence Platform

Start extracting actionable insights from your customer communications.  Here are some features that help you keep the team together, eliminate emergency firefighting, look smarter in front of your customers, and score more wins!


Know Your Accounts in Real-Time, Without Data Entry

ContextSmith helps you more effectively understand and manage your accounts through Augmented Intelligence.  We aggregate account activities (emails, calendar, support tickets) and find signals of risks and upsell opportunities, so Sales, Services, and Customer Success teams can stay on top of key accounts in real-time and jump in at the right moment to tackle critical issues.

Smart Alerts that Help You Manage Accounts Proactively

You have one less to-do because we create your to-do list for you. Smart Tasks is an intelligent alert system that identifies customer opportunities, detects risks and important deadlines from your day-to-day activities, and puts them in one place. It’s like having a personal coach around the clock, saving you hours of running around and mountains of headaches.

A Single, Continuous Timeline of All Account Activities, Including Apps Like Salesforce

Never drop the ball during sales hand-offs and account transition.  ContextSmith is the only software that tracks every account touch point — emails, meetings, third-party applications,, etc. It is the system of record and single source of truth of each account’s contextual history – from first contact, to deployment, support, and renewal. People leaving or joining your team? We’ve got it covered.

Dashboards with Insights You’ve Never Seen Before

Which customer is taking up most of our time? How many customer touches do we have? How busy is the team? You can finally answer these questions without spending hours inputting data and creating reports. ContextSmith’s analytics engine graphs aggregated data to help you improve your team’s productivity and identify bottlenecks.

Supercharge Your Account Management and Expansion

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