Tools and insight for strategic sales and upsell execution

Dirty data or no data in Salesforce

The #1 sales productivity problem is data entry into CRM.  Emails becomes impossible to track across multiple devices, like mobile, tablet, and desk email clients.


Nothing to install, no plugins.

And no learning a new tool or workflow changes.  ContextSmith plugs in directly with emails and calendars, and syncs everything in the background with Salesforce.  It just works.


Forecasting enterprise deals with long sales cycle

Large deals with long sales cycles always have many moving parts and difficult to forecast.


Highlight at-risk opportunities early

ContextSmith pulls all historical data and interactions with customers, and uses AI to identify at-risk opportunities and pinpoint negative factors driving the risks.


An average rep takes 10+ months to ramp-up

Reducing ramp time is the #1 priority for sales enablement teams, according to CSO Insights. The revenue gap between a fully effective rep and a rookie one could be up to $1M per rep.


Continuous coaching and learning

Bootcamp and sales training is critical to onboard new reps; however, cramming everything into a few weeks is less effective than continuously coaching by managers. ContextSmith shines light on key activities that win deals, and helps reps learn from their managers and peers.

Nothing to install. See your data in minutes.

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