Smarter Way to Manage and Expand Your Enterprise Accounts

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What’s the status of my key accounts?  Who has the ball?


Never drop the ball or step on each other’s toes again.

Successful enterprise sales and account management is a multi-team effort, and ContextSmith simplifies the operations.  We use account activities from emails, meetings, CRM, and support tickets to provide more context and visibility to help close more deals and increase expansion opportunities.

Nothing to download and no plugins. It just works.

Sync With Tools You Use Everyday

Powerful integrations with everything from Emails & Calendars to Salesforce & Zendesk to help you dissect the complexity of B2B communication and workflow.

Just a taste of the apps that integrate with ContextSmith. Contact us for more details.

Accelerate and Scale Account Expansion

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Grow Your Business with Account Based Intelligence

Proactively Monitor Account Health

No more waiting for Friday status reports, chasing down people, or manually stitching data together.  ContextSmith automatically tracks every touch point and emails you a daily summary on-demand.

Supercharge Account Expansion

It takes a team to understand and upsell your accounts.  ContextSmith helps align teams across your organization and deliver new contacts and opportunities to expand your strategic accounts.

Scale Your Team

Save hours of manual data entry and report creation. ContextSmith intelligently creates your to-do list and alerts, so you can spend more time with customers and less time on busywork. It’s like a personal assistant working around the clock.

Consistent Customer Experience Across Your Organization

Don't get blindsided by customer issues

Walk into meetings with history and context.  ContextSmith is like an analyst that puts together a report of your latest customer interactions and data from someone else’s inbox and systems.

Streamline account transitions

Rocky sales hand-off?  Account managers leaving?  Forgot last touch point with customers? We enforce account continuity and pick up where you – or someone else – left off.

Never lose customer data again

Every person’s inbox has wealth of knowledge about your customers; don’t lose it when people leave.  We use inbox as a data source and automatically organize them into relationship insights.

Happy Customers

“ContextSmith allows us to have a single view into all the communication silos that helps surface risks that would typically get lost in a single email thread.”


Arjun Devgan

VP Customer Success, Comprehend Systems

“Our business development and marketing teams use ContextSmith to proactively manage interactions with our course providers. It completely changed the way we collaborate on these accounts and gave us the visibility that would normally take hours every week to achieve.”

Dhawal Shah

Founder & CEO, Class Central

“The first day we used ContextSmith, we immediately found follow-up issues that needed to be resolved.”

Ajo Abraham

VP of Customer Solutions, Vero Analytics

Supercharge Your Account Management and Expansion

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