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Proactive Account-Based Management and Selling

Proactive Account-Based Management and Selling

Successful selling and managing enterprise accounts is a multi-team effort. ContextSmith is an Account Intelligence Platform that uses AI to more effectively manage account lifecycle, empowering Sales and Account Management teams to reduce churn and increase account revenue.

We connect into the systems that you use everyday and use AI to:
Identify early risk indicators
Find upsell opportunities
Deliver 360 view of your accounts

Nothing to download and no plugins. It just works.

Grow Your Business with Account Intelligence

Proactively Manage Account Risk and Sentiment

ContextSmith monitors all customer activities, including emails, meetings, and Salesforce activities, enabling teams to manage risks proactively and capture opportunities that help increase customer loyalty.


Strategize Account Based Selling and Expansion

ContextSmith visually graphs and scores the many-to-many relationship in target accounts. We identify individual engagement, key decision makers, and detractors systematically, so you have a systematic process to penetrate the accounts.


Scale Your Teams and Do More with Less

Save hours of manual data entry and report creation. ContextSmith intelligently creates your to-do list and alerts, so you can spend more time with customers and less time on busywork. It's like a personal assistant working around the clock.


More Happy Customers, Less Busywork

With zero data entry, you can spend more time making customers happy.

System of Record

One place for all your account data, so valuable knowledge are organized and saved.

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

We integrate with Gmail and Salesforce, the tools you already use everyday.

Happy Customers

Smarter Account Management Starts with ContextSmith


For growing companies scaling Sales and Account Management teams
Users: Up to 100
Intelligent Account Streams
Account Relationship Graph
Dashboard & Reporting
Smart Tasks
Daily Summary
Powerful Search
Google Apps SSO
Schedule a Demo
For data-driven enterprises with custom workflows
Users: 100+
All Business features plus:
Salesforce Integration
Zendesk Integrations (coming soon)
Custom Subdomain
Custom Onboarding
Priority Support
Export to Data Warehouse
Schedule a Demo

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